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The Singapore-based architectural firm, ADDP Architects, recently announced a construction project that grasped our attention; the Avenue South Residences, the development of a 22,850 m2 residential area, which includes two 56-storey towers. The interesting thing about these towers is that they will be composed of pre-fabricated and pre-finished volumetric units. In fact, when they are completed in 2026, both will be the world’s tallest prefabricated buildings. 80% of each of their composing modules will be manufactured off-site and then assembled on-site.

Inspired by the “live-work-play” residential concept, the development has been designed in such a way that the two towers of Avenue South Residences will be integrated into the neighbourhood without altering it, with the idea of preserving its nature, monumental trees and green spaces. At the same time, it will allow for the conservation of four historic buildings, also residential and in Art-Deco style, at the foot of the skyscrapers. Furthermore, the fact that they are prefabricated towers means that their construction will save energy and reduce their ecological footprint. Their north-south orientation also ensures solar exposure and air flow, which guarantees energy efficiency in their daily operation.

The design of the towers is characterized by the elegance and simplicity of the lines, broken only by the rhythmic incorporation of terraces and garden areas, distributed at different heights. They will offer flats ranging from 1 to 4 rooms. In addition to the high-rise gardens, the towers will have private rooms on the 56th floor and commercial spaces on the first floor, a nursery, a club and meeting space, a gymnasium, as well as a solarium, barbecue area and children’s playground. On the other hand, the residential complex in which they are integrated will be equipped with a large swimming pool for family entertainment.

The final result, as far as the towers are concerned, is that two “ecologically conscious” buildings will join the modern trend of sustainable architecture, when they rise into the Singaporean skies.

Sources: ADDP Architects, Avenue South Residences, Archdaily. Photographs: ADDP Architects.