Published On: 17.02.2017|Categories: General News|


From the inventors of the aquatic Flyboard, Zapata Racing, comes the Flyboard Air: a hoverboard that is already beating records. Franky Zapata, the company owner has already successfully finished Flyboard Air tests and has set the world record, registered in the Guinness Book of Records, for the largest distance covered on a flying board. It can fly at more than 3,000 metres high, reach a speed of 150 km/hour and it can run for 10 minutes.

You can see a video of the first demos here:

The Flyboard Air is the result of four years of development. It weighs around 20kg and is equipped with six motors (four under the board and two which stabilise it) and it has highly sophisticated software. Riders carry the fuel in a backpack, they drive the apparatus using a joystick and they control the direction by leaning their bodies from one side to another. The helmet has a system which allows the speed and height to be monitored, and if something goes wrong, riders can see if the problem is in the device itself or if the electronic elements have overheated.

Apart from the sports and fun side of this machine, it could also be used for rescue operations, military manoeuvres or for bridge and skyscraper maintenance.

Unfortunately, it’s still not been marketed and it’s not known if it ever will be, but perhaps in the near future we’ll be able to experience flying through the clouds!