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Amusement Logic is currently developing the architectural project for a unique residential building consisting of 30 luxury flats and 60 underground parking spaces. The building’s concept follows in the long tradition of magnificent residential complexes built around a central courtyard with green spaces, occupying an entire block and connecting streets. The different floors of the star-shaped architectural ensemble give special prominence to the large cantilevered terraces, allowing for a profusion of landscaped areas and spaces full of greenery, ideal as places for peace and relaxation.

As can be seen, one of the guiding ideas of the residential complex project is to give space to nature. However, the large open areas on the terraces provide both sunny and shady areas, whilst their well-thought-out layout protects them from the wind. In a delicate balance, the star-shaped, eccentrically overlapping floors give nature a central role for the neighbours and for the city itself. Shaded areas and landscaped terraces substantially reduce the air temperature during the hottest hours of the day and in the event of heat waves, and provide stopping places for wildlife.

The interiors of the homes in the development are characterised by a contemporary design that is both stylish and bold in equal measure. With the smallest flat measuring around 150 m² of living space and a 60 m² terrace, the spaciousness of the rooms is just one of its many attractions. In addition, the homes have been designed for comfort and luxury, with home automation systems. The spacious rooms on the star-shaped floor plan, surrounded by several outdoor terraces, make the most of the views towards the different cardinal points.