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As human beings, we’re used to recognising and appreciating the shapes that water makes when cascading in a waterfall, spraying from a fountain or flowing in a stream.

When designing the façade of the waterpark that concerns us, we thought; could we apply the shapes of moving water to our building? In which way could we design it so that the façade was evocative of water running in a torrent, producing the same sensation of relaxation and well-being?

The sub-discipline of the mechanics of fluids that describes the set of natural phenomena related to the movement of elements such as water, air or gas, is called the dynamics of fluids. In Amusement Logic we apply this field of knowledge in the design and development of our aquatic attractions: lazy rivers, wave pools, slides, etc.

In our façade, the forms start from a stable system, close to equilibrium and they reach non-equilibrium conditions similar to the turbulences of a fluid in motion. The façade is reminiscent of flowing hair, of a cloud broken by the wind, of water streaming from a fountain. Yet the façade still expresses itself as an elegant and impressive architectural form.