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We are currently immersed in the development of a mixed-use architectural project, a building that combines residential areas with others destined for hotels, commercial spaces and offices. This conceptual mixed-use development is located on an area of 50,000 m2 reclaimed from the sea. It is a skyscraper composed of three towers around a central core. Each of the towers has a triangular ground plan and its final form is determined by its upward helical twist. The structural challenge of its design is solved by means of this central core to which the twisting perimeter shapes of each of the towers are anchored.

The aim of our conceptual design is to provide the city with a sea entrance. On its lower part, the building offers a system of radial piers that facilitates the arrival to the complex by sea, leading residents and users to the central core of the complex, or to its lower areas.

As can be seen, our study offers an alternative to the usual skyscraper typology, an approach that the three-tower complex calls into question. Our aim is to bring its forms visually closer to those of a sculptural work of art. After all, and beyond the building’s uses, the visual sculptural component is important to make it a landscape element that stands out for its architectural quality, its beauty and its dimensions, so that it becomes a representative image of the city. Architecture becomes iconic when it breaks with pre-established models and invites people to discover new perspectives and new concepts. This leads us to become aware of what a new way of understanding architecture means from that moment on.