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One of the lesser known services in our extensive catalogue is surface waterproofing and treatment. We’re dedicating a few lines to it in this edition of our newsletter, to present it to you.

The protection of all kinds of surfaces, roofing and flooring against multiple external factors is a complex field for which we have a wide variety of solutions and a specialised team.

Whether it is car park roofing, green roofs, flat roofs, inverted roofs, deck-type flat roofs, metallic or concrete roofs, continuous flooring, water tanks, swimming pools, dolphinariums, etc., for each case we have a specific method. Microcements, epoxy flooring, lithium flooring, sports flooring, advanced car park deck flooring… We understand every project’s requirements and we apply a specific solution, suited to the technical characteristics of each.

Let’s take a look at a brief list of our methods:

– Mechanical waterproofing through a continuous, joint-less layer: this technique is especially recommended for roofing and structures that have to withstand the incidence of continuous movements. For these surfaces, a highly elastic waterproofing treatment is required, which prevents fissures, resists expansion of the support and has 100% recovery capacity. For these purposes we apply continuous coatings and tread-layers for both light and heavy traffic, as well as self-levelling resins and high-performance flooring, such as sports or industrial ones.

An example of this method is known as “One Shot Carpark Deck”. In this regard, we are the only firm approved in Spain for its application. It’s a revolutionary waterproofing procedure that combines the tread-layer applied in situ, with an innovative application system, for surfaces in contact with all types of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular.

High chemical-resistance flooring: in this case we apply industrial C5-I and marine C5-M anticorrosive treatments. Its resistance to corrosivity responds to the updated PNE standard, PRNE ISO 12944: 2017.

-We also develop flooring with sanitary certification, both for leisure and for commerce. This type of surface requires a series of highly technical treatments, both for their preparation and for their application to each type of surface.

Acrylic or polyurethane waterproofing, whether reinforced with fiberglass or not.

-Flooring with thermal-efficient materials that dissipate the heat that the surface receives and improve the insulation of the building. One of the most common applications of this method is the Exterior Thermal Insulation System (ETIS), for residential facades and other constructions. This system improves buildings’ energy efficiency, up to savings of between 30 and 35%, sometimes higher. Without a doubt, it’s an excellent solution for the growing demand for sustainability in the construction sector, amongst others.

– Special rubber flooring, both tile and continuous, for parks, children’s play areas, outdoor swimming pools and sports areas. These are anti-vibration surfaces, which protect against falls and prevent accidents in this type of facility. Our method always complies with UNE 1177 regulations.

– Finally, Amusement Logic offers specific treatments for the recovery of surfaces degraded by the continuous superimposition of graffiti.

Apart from offering this great variety of systems, treatments and applications, we continue to investigate and innovate both in methods and new materials.