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A project of interest for citizens

Working to improve people’s living conditions is one of the great satisfactions of the work carried out by organisations such as Amusement Logic, due to their contribution of value and meaning to citizens’ leisure and entertainment experiences. It is precisely this worthy purpose that has led the Government of Madagascar to partner with our organisation in the materialisation of a project of great interest to the city of Toamasina and its inhabitants: the design of its promenade as an extensive and complete leisure, recreation and entertainment complex.

The best location for the promenade

Toamasina, with nearly 460,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area, is the second largest city in population and the most important seaport and commercial centre of Madagascar. Situated in the northeast of the island and open to the vastness of the Indian Ocean, the precise site for the promenade and its associated leisure complex is however, sheltered by the harbour dikes to the south and southeast, the Ilay Harandriaka Lehibe reef to the east and northeast, and Madagascar’s own coastline to the north. Indeed, in addition to its proximity to the city, this is one of the factors that make the beaches and the scarce facilities on them so popular today.

A leisure project that improves the city

Although very accessible to the local population, the labyrinthine network of paths on Toamasina’s beaches, as it stands today, is neither easy nor particularly pleasant to navigate. The variety and dispersion of uses it presents, with food stalls, coconut shops and various recreational areas, arose naturally and in an improvised way. Over the years, the population has responded to its needs on its own initiative. This makes the network complex, inefficient and not very functional. The proposal that Amusement Logic is submitting to the Madagascar government embodies the desire to bring visual order and beautify the city’s seafront. With the development of its waterfront, it acquires a new identity, recognisable and attractive to both tourism and the local population. Moreover, in terms of its operation, maintenance and resource management, the project is one of a rational and practical space, geared to people’s comfort and recreation and ultimately, to the city’s economic development.

Restaurants and activities for a dynamic seafront promenade

The project, which extends along nearly 1,500 m of Toamasina’s seafront, over an area of 177,245 m2, includes existing uses and establishments and adds new ones. In addition to the spaces for traditional Madagascan restaurants, it incorporates other international establishments such as pizzerias, ice cream parlours, refreshment and cocktail bars, barbecues, terraces, marquees amongst others. It also includes areas for activity and sport: a basketball court, weight and fitness parks with lockers, various types of skating rinks, as well as a team-sports area on the beach (football, rugby, volleyball, petanque, etc.). For families with children, the project has a play area with a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round, trampolines, an aquatic area and so on. For swimming in the sea, the promenade leisure complex offers natural pools with shark nets. Shows and events will also be encouraged and promoted: cinema, theatre, puppet shows, music and concerts, cabaret, karaoke… Finally, the plan for Toamasina envisages a marina at its southern end, annexed to the commercial port, and a fishermen’s wharf in the north.

Landscaping, conservation and culture on a green seafront promenade

In terms of landscaping and greenery, the project takes a bold approach with the incorporation of extensive promenade gardens, fountains (including a musical fountain) and rose gardens, as well as a park of endemic plants to protect the country’s rich biodiversity and raise public awareness. The rich local craft industry will have its own market, mainly aimed at visitors and tourists to the city.

A rational promenade for tourism and development

The project has also taken careful consideration of the circulation and services. The plan takes into account the accesses to the beaches along its entire length, and the public toilets, conveniently distributed; the car parks are essential to facilitate the general use of the promenade’s leisure complex. Finally, such an ambitious project to turn the beaches of Toamasina into a tourist destination, would not be complete without tourist information points.

The new promenade will undoubtedly serve as a nexus of Malagasy identity, culture and character: street food vendors, leisure and recreational spaces, terraces and restaurants, meeting places for friends and families, and tourism resources.