Published On: 03.07.2013|Categories: Company News|

This month, we are sharing the Global Attractions Attendance Report (document available in English only), prepared by the Themed Entertainment Association; an objective and exhaustive study of the evolution of the worldwide leisure market during 2012.

In general terms, the increase in visitors to leisure parks (theme parks and waterparks) and museums is remarkable in most areas of the world. This fact confirms the optimism and change in trends that the leisure sector has been experiencing in recent months. It seems that the economic crisis is moving away for good, at least from this sector. Projects that have been on hold are being reborn and new projects are being strongly developed.

Disney continues to lead the market by far, with two-digit increases in some of its parks, although the development of the leisure market in Asia in general and in China in particular should be highlighted.

This is good news for our sector, which predicts a bright future for those companies that have known how to adapt in order to survive the hard times we have gone through. We invite you to read this interesting study.

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