Published On: 02.06.2015|Categories: Company News|


Amusement Logic has completed the concept design of a complete resort in Nigeria. Its different uses include a large theme park, an outdoor waterpark, an adventure park, shopping area and hotel.

For guests, visiting and staying in a resort provides a wide variety of leisure activities, dining options, attractions and experiences. It also adds greater security and the unmistakable feeling of enjoying a unique and integral experience in total comfort. The main reason for the success of this kind of leisure complexes, is that all the family members can find numerous and assorted activities in one place and without the inconveniences of having to travel around.

Due to its complexity, it is not easy to plan such a resort and it is too easy to get carried away with a simple juxtaposition of different uses. The skill of grouping and making feasible and making sense of a complex of these characteristics, is an indispensable part of the design process. Indeed, when it comes to designing, we have to take into account the proper articulation of uses within a global vision of the project, as well as the possible phased-planning, due to high investment costs. On the other hand, the developer has the opportunity of attracting different types of public, although related due to their need for the same type of leisure.