Published On: 07.08.2015|Categories: Company News|

We’re presenting our new creation: Surf & Slide, an area for youngsters that offers, surfing, slides and partying all at once.

For some, surf is not just a sporting or leisure activity, but a way of life, something they were born into. For others, it is a way of being totally immersed in nature, in its wildest form. One of the challenges that surfing poses therefore, is being able to tame the untameable. In the sea, it takes skill, courage and perseverance to master the waves. Natural elements are unpredictable and difficult to control. However, in the Surf & Slide, the perfect wave is generated in a controlled environment.

This simulator is set within a spectacular galleon, from whose deck emerge a number of slides, another element that is highly popular with youngsters when they visit a waterpark. The galleon not only provides the ideal theming framework for the simulator and slides, but it also acts as a platform for a DJ to create an atmosphere and get the party going.

The Surf & Slide represents an attraction with multiple alternatives. It also offers a social activity for everyone involved, both for those guests riding the waves and slides, as well as for anyone observing the show from the surrounding area, where they can be dancing to the music, taking photos or having refreshments.

An element with its own personality, exclusive and attractive for all types of public. It can be used both in the daytime and at night and its compact design is an excellent option for waterpark expansions and a perfect complement for hotels and resorts.

The first one we built was in the Hotel Barceló in Cancun, Mexico and it’s proving to be a great success, as can be seen in this video. We are currently working on several more projects, which we will reveal in future newsletters.