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The residential house that we’re presenting this month from Amusement Logic is a perfect example of the elegance of the visual patterns produced during the day, on all its sides, by the combination of movements of its façade or skin. Indeed, in previous designs, we have offered you studies only of the main façade of different buildings. However, what happens when these buildings have a complex floor plan with multiple façades? In this study, we offer a solution for large and complex buildings with more than one main façade.

When we talk about the façade or skin of any built space, we usually take it for granted that it is the front façade. However, it is essential for residential houses that often play an iconic role and stand out in the urban fabric, that the design pattern reflects the personality and character of the building not only on the face of its main façade, but also on the others. Allowing light to pass through to different rooms remains a basic need in any built space. So why not meet both needs at the same time? This new design solves precisely both requirements, that of its emblematic character from all perspectives and that of regulating light entry. It does so through interesting patterns for the front, rear and side façades.

At Amusement Logic we approach the issue from a holistic point of view, so that if the choice of façade design or pattern for an emblematic residential house is essential, so is the choice of materials and the appropriate techniques for its construction. After all, the environment imposes important decisions, and not only in the design of the façade, as it may be part of a landscaped space, it may include leisure spaces such as swimming pools or sports facilities, or it may be a building located on a busy street.

We designed this detached house from prefabricated modules and gave it a floor plan with two right-angled wings. Its orientation meets a fundamental requirement in high latitudes: the larger wing of the house must face south. Its longitudinal façades therefore face north on one side and south on the other. In order to make the most of light and natural energy, the various modular kinetic façades designed reveal the building’s interior spatial layout and open it up to the sun. As can be seen in the video and images, through extensive research at Amusement Logic, we have incorporated technological innovations and special materials into our design which, in addition to improving the building’s energy efficiency, offer an emblematic aesthetic result.