Published On: 07.07.2014|Categories: Company News|

We’re not saying anything new by noting that in developed societies, individuals spend a large part of their income on leisure, once their basic needs such as food and housing are covered.

It is also well known that consumers are increasingly exigent and in a world where changes take place faster and more unpredictably, they demand new products that produce more extreme sensations and experiences.
It is necessary therefore, for companies in our sector to develop new products that meet customer expectations, which can capture their attention and get them to visit our project. Nowadays, one of the greatest risks for parks is becoming obsolete. It’s a fact that the park that doesn’t modernise, stagnates, loses visitors and can even end up disappearing for good.

An example of the development of this type of new products is one that we are undertaking in St. Martin Vesube, in France. In an alpine setting known for the practice of adventure sports, we have developed a project that brings together in a reduced indoor space, a variety of these high-risk sports, (canyoning, climbing, speleology and so on), which can be practiced in a safe and controlled environment, independently of the weather and without having to travel to remote or inaccessible places.

Amusement Logic S.L. forms part of a consortium that was awarded the design and execution of this turnkey project. Having completed the design phase, we are now preparing our teams for site entry, to start construction work.

This is a new example of innovation that characterises us, not only regarding new product development, but in the focus and added value that we provide to satisfy our clients’ requirements.

The vertical integration of our company, capable of integrally executing a project, from the initial conceptual design phase, to start-up, passing through all the phases of design, architecture, engineering, supplies and construction, is something that exemplifies us and which few companies in the world offer. The majority of our clients know how valuable it is to have one sole interlocutor who guarantees them, not only a spectacular design, but a technically feasible project and a profitable business.