Published On: 06.10.2014|Categories: Company News|

Our regular readers will ask themselves; what, a swimming pool? We thought Amusement Logic only does leisure pools.

Well no, dear friends, in Amusement Logic we create all kinds of pools to meet our clients’ needs, including pools just for swimming. We want the customers of our creations to do sport and have enjoy themselves, and in this case, swimming is a way of having fun, isn’t it? It’s just as good as racing down a slide, or having refreshments in the pool bar. If you still don’t believe us, we confess that you are right in asking yourselves that question. There’s a secret, well, two small secrets in fact.

The first is that Le Brasilia campsite in Canet-en-Roussillon, France, already has fabulous leisure facilities, unbeatable you could say, which our company made several years ago.

The second, is that it’s not a traditional swimming pool, such as those pools that those of us over 40 used to visit back in the day (and what days they were!). In those pools, you either swam or you sank deep down to the bottom. This pool has waterfalls and benches to rest on, (not all swimmers are Olympic sportsmen), an area to practice aquagym, different level terraces to sunbathe after doing exhausting laps…

We’ve already awakened your interest, haven’t we? Well, we invite you to follow future editions of our Newsletter to discover more about this project.