Published On: 09.05.2022|Categories: New Products|

We’re proposing a new solution to protect visitors and guests of leisure and tourism facilities from the sun, whether in hotels and resorts, water or theme parks, campsites, shopping centres or public squares and spaces. We have added DaisyShade, to our wide range of street furniture and shade systems.

DaisyShade is a modular structure that reproduces the shape of a daisy. A central pillar acts as a stem and holds at its top a series of lobes that extend and function as petals. The result is a light and elegant umbrella like a flower, an element inspired by shapes found in nature. DaisyShade therefore harmonises with its surroundings and can be easily integrated into areas where landscaping is a determining factor.

DaisyShade, due to its similarity to a flower, its giant size and the infinite chromatic possibilities and colour combinations of its petals, is also ideal for projects in which fantasy plays an important role. DaisyShade flowers will turn any leisure attraction where shade needs to be provided into a fantastic garden, whether in hotels or resorts, water or theme parks, campsites, shopping centres or public squares and spaces.

DaisyShade’s giant daisy lobes are made from canvas stretched by the exterior threading of a stainless steel tube. Our design allows for various configurations and different silhouettes for the petals. Its modular orientation makes the DaisyShade system adaptable to any particular project and any surface, from the minimum installation of one unit to unlimited repetition. Because of its simplicity and adaptability, the DaisyShade shading structure is economical and practical to manufacture and install. With this versatile design, we provide endless thematic and landscaping possibilities, as well as user comfort, in car parks, promenades or parks, or in leisure and catering areas outside hotels or resorts, water parks and theme parks, campsites, shopping centres, and so on.