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This month we’re collaborating with José García Liñares, the predecessor of Aquapark Cerceda, a municipally-owned waterpark.

During our talk, he spoke about interesting aspects of the park’s management and its visitors.

“The waterpark was born in the year 2000, with an investment of around 3 million Euro. Its initial 3 hectares have not been expanded, but its attractions have been, taking advantage of the increase of visitors and the park’s popularity.

We open almost 90 days a year and although temperatures aren’t favourable at the beginning, in the months of July and August the park fills with people from Galicia, Asturias and even Leon. Our policy is to provide an aquatic leisure space that is accessible to all families, so we establish very competitive prices and we work hard to make them feel comfortable during their stay.

One of the park’s lures is its 1.5 hectares of recreational use, located near to the river and with grassy areas; something that is valued by our visitors as it allows them to have a enjoyable time. We have several attractions and all of them have a large influx, but I would highlight the Kamikaze and the V. Additionally, as in any park, visitors can find kiosks and cafés.

Revisions and maintenance checks are carried out before the park opens, which guarantee the safety of the park and its attractions. We pay great attention to this area, as it is tremendously important to us that guests feel happy and relaxed in all aspects.

Waterparks are a fundamental tourist resource for children (our future), and for middle-aged people, so I believe they have a promising future. In our case, it’s accentuated further as we’re the only park in Galicia, located in an inland area, and therefore it is one of the most important tourist resources in Galicia and of course in our area.
You only have to take a look at the data. Cerceda is a town of 5,000 inhabitants, through which more than 200,000 people pass in the summer months, generating a large source of income for the entire area.

After 18 years of operation, there are some aspects which I would modify, such as the attractions having run outs and therefore reducing the cost of cleaning the pools, which in turn generate the greater need for lifeguards. But generally, looking back to the era in which it was built, I am still proud to have carried out its construction”.