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In April of the year 2022, the retinue of fans of the stories of Totoro, Mononoke and Chihiro, will be able to reminisce about some of the scenes of these animated films, thanks to the Studio Ghibli theme park.

It’s a space of more than 200 ha, in the city of Nagakute, where aficionados will be able to enjoy attractions, activities and buildings in a natural environment that will replicate the anime landscapes.

The project, which plans to reuse the abandoned lands and existing facilities, has as a major lure the reconstruction of the buildings of the Miyazaki films. It will have 5 distinct zones: “Youth Hill”, “Ghibli Large Warehouse”, “Mononoke’s Village”, “Dondoko Forest” and “Witches’ Valley” and the main entrance will be a recreation of the buildings that appear in “Howl’s Moving Castle”. In addition there will be all kinds of figures of spiders, boars, pigs and other fantasy creatures that appear in the films.

Surely the park will be as successful as the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.