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To prosper and remain competitive, players in the hotel sector can no longer rely solely on new technologies. In fact, today customers always demand more and are willing to pay more to enjoy a unique and exceptional experience. So, how can the growing expectations and needs that are increasingly different from the traveller, be met? Here are some essential solutions to satisfy traveller 4.0.

Firstly, there are several simple ways of improving clients’ stays. Wi-Fi, for example, is an essential and decisive element when choosing a hotel. Actually in 2019, a time in which everything is connected, a hotel wanting to please its clients should offer high quality, fast and safe Wi-Fi.

Basic rules also allow clients to be placated; an easy and intuitive reservation, good communication, total availability and special attention to small details.

It is important to know clients well and personalise their experience. Every traveller has their preferences and expectations. Needs vary significantly. It’s necessary therefore, to identify the types of traveller and establish their profile in order to adapt and respond to the demand.

Another key element is check-out. It’s the most difficult moment and for it to be more pleasant and “unforgettable”, it’s important to offer loyalty options and recommendations. The use of new technology and social networks can personalise and facilitate these moments.

Finally, its essential to care for digital presence and reputation. Nowadays, most travellers prepare their stays online and they reserve via the Internet. As such, players should ensure that internet users perceive the different qualities and values of the establishment. Notices and comments are also vital and can affect travellers’ choices.

Summarising, today it’s imperative to offer travellers an exceptional experience. So, in order to stand up to the competition and differentiate, focus must be given to innovation and modernisation.