Arkimedes is a slide based on the layout of a Big Hole / Big River, in which a motorised system of spiral rotation has been installed, creating a sensation of speed increase inside the tube whilst the float moves in the direction of the rotation axis.

The movement of the float is synchronised with a determined angle in the system, to control the exit slope towards the lowest part of the spiral path, the moment at which the float is moved according to the “Archimedes screw” system, at a set speed up to the exit.

Throughout the two turns or threads, transversal modifications are introduced in the way of “bumps” to heighten the experience.

After this, riders follow a kamikaze-type open channel that runs to the pool. In regards to the exit, the design allows for different route configurations, according to client requirements and available space.

The starting height of the slide is 11 m and it has a total length of 193m. It’s designed to be used with a float for 4-5 people and has a ride time between 25-30 seconds.

Indoor Version:

Technical Data Sheet:

Total Height: 24 meters Game Dimensions: 83x22x24 meters Space it occupies: 110×35 meters 3.850 m2


  • Starting Height: 11 metros
  • Channel Diameter: 3.000 mm
  • Revolutions per minute: 7,5‐10 rpm
  • Ride Speed: 7,35 ‐ 9,8 m/sec.
  • Length: 147 meters
  • Ride Time: 15‐20 sec.


  • Starting Height: 11 meters
  • Channel Width: 3.000 mm
  • Ride Speed: 6,15 m/sec.
  • Length: 46,11 m
  • Ride Time: 7,5 sec.


  • Starting Height: 11 meters
  • Channel Width: 3.000 mm
  • Length: 193,11 meters
  • Ride Time: 23‐30 sec.


  • Float 4/5 users 8‐10 riders/min 480 riders/h
  • MAX CAPACITY: 16‐20 riders/min 960 riders/h


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