New slide: Magic Liana

This month we’re presenting a new slide concept, with a spectacular design, which not only youngsters will enjoy.

Its design is based on the popular children’s story of the “magic beans”. As happens in the tale, stalks or lianas grow from the ground and they reach the giant’s castle in the clouds. These stalks are represented by spheres, which users can climb to reach the upper platform, and as in the story, children can slide down to the floor on a slide of enormous leaves, simulating the fictional creeper.

The configuration possibilities are numerous, and the height and layout of the slides can be adjusted around the vertical structure.

Please contact us for further information on this amazing slide.

Konga: The new water playground

This month we’re presenting a new model of children’s aquatic game; a modular structure and combinable triangular platforms, manufactured with our 3D-Tech technology.

Its structure is reminiscent of a cabin of intertwining stems, whose leaves are moved by the wind, creating a new, different and striking visual typology.

The system allows slides to be installed at different heights, both for pools as well as Splash Pad or shallow type areas.

Arkimedes, the new aquatic attraction

Arkimedes is a slide based on the layout of a Big Hole / Big River, in which a motorised system of spiral rotation has been installed, creating a sensation of speed increase inside the tube whilst the float moves in the direction of the rotation axis.

The movement of the float is synchronised with a determined angle in the system, to control the exit slope towards the lowest part of the spiral path, the moment at which the float is moved according to the “Archimedes screw” system, at a set speed up to the exit.

Throughout the two turns or threads, transversal modifications are introduced in the way of “bumps” to heighten the experience.

After this, riders follow a kamikaze-type open channel that runs to the pool. In regards to the exit, the design allows for different route configurations, according to client requirements and available space.

The starting height of the slide is 11 m and it has a total length of 193m. It’s designed to be used with a float for 4-5 people and has a ride time between 25-30 seconds.

Indoor Version:

Technical Data Sheet:

Total Height: 24 meters Game Dimensions: 83x22x24 meters Space it occupies: 110×35 meters 3.850 m2


  • Starting Height: 11 metros
  • Channel Diameter: 3.000 mm
  • Revolutions per minute: 7,5‐10 rpm
  • Ride Speed: 7,35 ‐ 9,8 m/sec.
  • Length: 147 meters
  • Ride Time: 15‐20 sec.


  • Starting Height: 11 meters
  • Channel Width: 3.000 mm
  • Ride Speed: 6,15 m/sec.
  • Length: 46,11 m
  • Ride Time: 7,5 sec.


  • Starting Height: 11 meters
  • Channel Width: 3.000 mm
  • Length: 193,11 meters
  • Ride Time: 23‐30 sec.


  • Float 4/5 users 8‐10 riders/min 480 riders/h
  • MAX CAPACITY: 16‐20 riders/min 960 riders/h


These drawings and specifications are property and copyright of AMUSEMENT LOGIC S.L. and cannot be used in any other project except with previous written agreement with AMUSEMENT LOGIC S.L.

Toon Land, the “Plug & Play” concept for aquatic leisure areas

This month we’re presenting one of the most relevant new products for kids’ aquatic leisure spaces.

Toon Land: “Plug & Play” configurations of our exclusive 3D-Tech technology for integrating small pools, dunes and horizontal surfaces, dotted with our line of Spray Toons children’s aquatic games. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, without the need for civil works.

Hydraulic pipes are distributed under the treadable 3D-Tech surfaces, which allow excavation to be avoided. Toon Land is ideal for extending any existing leisure area.

Jet Toons

The Jet Toons are eye-catching children’s aquatic elements, which can serve as the central landmark of SplashPad-type installations. Manufactured with our exclusive 3DTech material, they can be combined with any other interactive element. Their bubbling foam cascade produces the optical effect of being suspended in the air; whether it’s a rocket taking off from the moon, or a cloud raining over an island or mountain. They have been created to encourage children’s imaginations and allow them to star in their own adventure stories.

PlayLogic, new catalogue of children’s playgrounds

Free and spontaneous play, invented and enjoyed by children following their natural instincts, is essential for their development and learning.

As a company specialised in leisure facilities and following this premise, we’re launching a new series of innovative attractions in children’s playgrounds, which thanks to their individuality and attractive appearance, stand out from any other element in a leisure area.

PlayLogic playgrounds

They’re designs that are far removed from the typical children’s playgrounds such as swings, slides, castles and balance games, which kids are so used to seeing and that limit their imagination. These are structures where children can climb, jump, run and overcome challenges according to their capability and courage. Would you like to learn more? Please click on the PlayLogic catalogue and discover how to innovate a children’s playground.

Spray Toons

We are presenting a new collection of play elements for children’s aquatic playgrounds, characterised by heightened three dimensionality, with figures and characters reminiscent of a well-illustrated children’s book.

Their style is intended to transport kids to a world of animated fantasy, where rainbows, cotton-like clouds, suns, unicorns or dragons create an interactive environment to enhance children’s imagination.

Away from the traditional concept of metallic tubes and flat silhouettes, our Spray Toons collection, produced with our exclusive 3D-Tech material, allows for differentiation and singularity in any new project, now more kind-hearted and tender.

Cloudland game for Center Parcs

This summer we installed the world’s first “Cloudland Maxi”, in the new multi-adventure zone “Ze Place”, in Les Trois Forêts Center Parcs, in the French region of Moselle.

Our “Cloudland Maxi” game, which won a design award for innovation in the sector, helps improve children’s agility and coordination. It enables them to develop their muscular strength, increase their spatial awareness and encourage relationship-building with each other, as they search for ways and combinations that allow them to climb as easily as possible. The game is also attractive for adults who wish to test their skill and fitness.

The Center Parcs group is well known in the leisure sector. It was the first to introduce the revolutionary concept of creating small holiday villages in which all kinds of services are found and where visitors are offered the best experience. No two Center Parcs are the same. However, the majority do share the same characteristics: located in a natural setting (forests, beaches, lakes), with accommodation, shops and catering, water parks, games and sports areas, careful landscaping and infinity of both indoor and outdoor activities for all the family.

Moebius Challenge

This is a new concept of adventure and balance circuit, characterised by one sole rail that varies in slope and difficulty, inspired by the famous tape of the mathematician Moebius.

Unlike conventional circuits of zipwires and platforms, where users need harnesses hooked to a lifeline, in this circuit what we propose is experimenting without a harness, thanks to the safety nets that envelop it.

The Moebius rail is manufactured in our exclusive 3DTech material, ideal for its lightness and flexibility to enhance the psychometric skills of both children and adults. The difficulty levels throughout the game are variable according to the incorporated complementary elements, such as resting platforms, steps, balance balls, lateral circulation walls or crossed ropes to dodge. The circuit has two helicoidal slides of different heights, to increase the game’s play options.

This is a very family-friendly proposal, suitable for all ages and where intergeneration collaboration is encouraged.

Green Bench

We’re presenting an innovative idea for the provision of rest areas in leisure spaces, suitable for people of all ages: Green Bench. It is a planter-bench, of fractal inspiration. Being modular, it allows infinite combinations for enclosing the perimeter of aquatic and dry areas of any size.


The different types of seat on both sides of the modules allow the creation of different areas of interaction amongst the users, suited to the particular requirements of the project.

green bench new product 02

The Green Bench concept can incorporate real plants, or alternatively, it can include elevated artificial planting, which provides different types of shade.