A Lazy River is one of the key attractions in a waterpark. It is a channel through which a current of water flows, which follows a winding path around the park.

Guests can travel on it on a tube, by walking it or simply by letting their bodies float in the water. Throughout the river’s course, there can be quieter areas or more active zones with surprises, such as spray attractions, different types of current, waves and so on.
A Lazy River requires the movement of a great flow of water and traditional equipment usually requires large investment, both for the equipment itself, as well as for structures, hydraulic networks etc. Furthermore, due to its low performance, it requires a large amount of electricity to generate the movement of the water.

rio lento

Being aware of this classic attraction’s weak points and following our policy of design of profitable businesses for our clients, safety for customers and respect for the environment; our R+D department has developed new equipment for the movement of the large masses of water in lazy rivers.

With this new system, we get an attraction that is as equally safe as fun, (exceeding all applicable safety standards), whilst greatly reducing implementation costs, as simple and economic civil works are needed. The designed equipment has a high performance, with which power savings of up to 60% are made, in comparison with a conventional system. This means a considerable energy saving or in other words, a reduction in operating costs of this essential waterpark attraction.