Amusement Logic anticipates the challenges of the future: SkyPort

Flights with aero-taxis and personal air-transport systems will become safe and feasible in a few years and they will give rise to the need for approved urban spaces, which allow agile and safe connection networks to be established. This network of urban airports will be formed by different kinds of stations, depending on traffic density and the number of connections; large autonomous stations in newly constructed buildings will be combined with small stations that could be applied to existing buildings.

This month, we’re presenting an architectural project that anticipates future challenges. Our Skyport project has eight independent stations that allow the rational organisation of the flow of take-offs and landings. Passengers will easily find their departure gate and safe access to the landing strip, hotel and shopping centre.

Underneath the stations, we will incorporate a shopping centre and car park for Skyport users. Mention should be made of the elegant 8-point star or flower-shaped design, which as well as being visually beautiful, favours the building’s function, arranging the landing points and distributing the different approaches and exits to avoid conflicts and guarantee safety.

The architectonic complex that houses the Skyport also includes a 65m-high, 22-floor hotel, whose skin is shaped as a helical enclosure that fuses with the Skyport stations’ design. Hotel guests will enjoy all the comforts of an intelligent building and the advantages of having a rapid transport system, capable of taking off immediately and travelling long distances avoiding the problems and restrictions of ground transportation.

Opening of interactive pool in the Russian city of Gelendzhik

Last March we mentioned  the new project we were starting to develop in a hotel complex on the Russian coast of the Black Sea; specifically in the city of Gelendzhik, in the region of Krasnodar.

A leisure space presided over by a children’s pool, which has a spectacular interactive game “Water Party” of with several platforms at various heights, slides, water pistols … and it is equipped with a whole series of interactive elements. Its design is totally personalized and themed for our client, Alean Family Resort & SPA Biarritz.

Last week we finished the installation and start-up work. From the outset, the new interactive pool has become the guests’ favourite part of the communal spaces of this fantastic hotel complex.

E-Sports stadium

In recent years we’ve been witnessing exponential growth in so-called E-Sports; videogame competitions that enjoy great popularity. In order to function correctly, these competitions need appropriate facilities that are capable of accommodating such specialised content.

Making use of our experience as creators of leisure spaces, we have developed a new building typology that covers all the needs created by this kind of competition.

Starting from a hexagonal geometry, common in strategic games, a multi-purpose building is developed capable of adapting to multiple uses and different capacity demands.    

The building’s footprint, of 6,500 m² is organised around a central core, where the competitions take place, surrounded by a strip that houses the main venues and a perimeter ring for traffic, events and shops.

The main characteristic of the central space is its versatility, as it’s able to divide into 6 parts to accommodate competitions of different capacities and importance. In this way, the following can be organised:

  •      6 simultaneous competitions / 373 attendees in each
  •      3 simultaneous competitions / 746 attendees in each
  •      2 simultaneous competitions / 1.119 attendees in each
  •      1 large competition / 2.238 attendees

Furthermore, this central space is capable of fold its stands leaving a large open space for carrying out diverse events.

The distribution of uses on the different levels can be segmented in the following manner:

Lower level:

  • 8 rooms / capacity for 46 occasional or amateur players
  • Resting and training rooms for professional teams
  • Dining, toilets and relaxation areas
  • Technical areas, storerooms and servers

Main level:

  • Lockers and entrance areas
  • Specialised shops (direct access from the street and from the interior of the venue)
  • VR zone  
  • Fan zone
  • Zone for brands and sponsors
  • Different points of catering and refreshments
  • Toilets
  • Independent accesses for each of the stands sectors

On the first floor:

  • Interview rooms, TV broadcasts and control
  • Private VIP rooms with direct views of the stage
  • Main restaurant
  • Toilets and technical areas

On the second floor:

  • Upper bleachers

Externally, the building has been designed on a singular geometry, easily identifiable through the combination of a hexagonal shaped footprint and a spherical dome. It is an individual building whose shape can be adapted to different locations, meaning it can be installed in large cities.

Splash Pad Cascavelle, Mauritius

Amusement Logic is working on the Cascavelle Shopping Village on the island of Mauritius. As part of its remodelling, we are creating a waterpark, with a large themed splash pad with slides and rest areas for parents.

What the developer intends with this initiative is to offer families an experience that transcends the typical activity of “going shopping” and get them to spend several hours visiting the shopping mall, combining shopping with fun.

The shopping mall sector is one of the most competitive and one that has undergone most transformations in recent years. The large number of centres that have been developed and the change in consumer trends (internet sales have increased exponentially), mean that shopping centres have to come up with ideas and implement new strategies to attract visitors.

One of the most common undertakings and one that brings the best results, is adding a leisure dimension to the traditional shopping elements on offer. In this way, we have seen how shopping malls have been complemented with attractive leisure activities: FECs, indoor waterparks, adventure parks, indoor amusement parks, indoor ski parks, amongst others.

Amusement Logic actively participates in the development in this type of leisure offer and the project in Mauritius is just the latest one to be added to projects already undertaken in the malls of countries such as Algeria, Russia, Ukraine or Kenya.

We’re sure it’ll be a great success.

New splash pad project in Fuerteventura

We’re announcing the creation of a new leisure space in the NORDOTEL-brand Hotel Tui Magic Life, in Fuerteventura, Spain.

After successfully completing the first splash pad (or shallow waterpark) for the chain, the Tour Operator contacted us again to work on a new project in another of its establishments.

The splash pad is a growing trend for recreational spaces in hotels, campsites, waterparks and even public parks. This type of facility is greatly advantageous; reduced investment and costs, no lifeguards are necessary, there’s low water-consumption and guaranteed fun for kids, to whom these types of installation are mainly aimed.

Our splash pads are characterised by the inclusion of leisure and play elements for all the family to enjoy: a safe and entertaining space for children and an recreation area where parents can relax, whilst maintaining visual contact and interacting with their kids.

The games, manufactured with our exclusive 3D-Tech technology, are new for 2018. They are colourful and interactive games and great fun for children.

With this proposal, the hotel has completed the leisure facilities it offers, differentiating itself from competitors and strengthening its brand and personality.

The building’s skin: New kinetic façade

We’re working on the architectonic development of a building that has a kinetic skin, giving it an emblematic character.

During daylight, the façade is presented as a sculptural ensemble with a vertical tendency, made up of organically cut panels. These panels, anchored to the façade forming different angles, protect the building from solar radiation.

As time passes, the façade offers a new visual appearance, as the panels open and favour the entrance of natural light at dusk. These two visual perceptions are achieved with differential movement on the axis of each vertical piece.

In effect, a score of vertical structures support the panels that make up the façade. Each of these serve as an axis for two planes that open with ocean-inspired organic shapes.

During the day, the panels’ vertical geometry and sobriety of their tones grant the building an aesthetic elegance. The façade’s three-dimensional shapes project different shadows as time passes.

At night, the building is transformed aesthetically and has a more dynamic appearance. The turning of the panels allows the rear face to be seen, showing an attractive luminous contrast.

Expansion of “Fun & Splash” Malta

Malta is a small Mediterranean island, which is strategically positioned and very important in tourism terms. As in most sun and beach tourist destinations, a waterpark is essential for entertaining visitors.

At Fun & Splash they’ve been offering aquatic fun to tourists and local residents for a long time now. They have a well-defined policy for periodic expansions and improvements, to maintain the high level of quality offered to visitors, helping to create repeat visits and gaining loyal clientele.

Amusement Logic has been collaborating with Fun & Splash for many years and this year we’re contributing to modernising the park and making it even more attractive for visitors, by adding two adrenaline-filled, fun hydrotube slides for the most daring riders.

Architectural project: Cultural centre

We’re working on the architectonic project of an emblematic building destined for housing a Cultural Centre, which includes a library, media-library, exhibition and education spaces, as well as a staged area suitable for both theatre and concert productions.

Our challenge is to achieve an emblematic and elegant visual appearance, without reducing the complex’s functionality, or entailing exorbitant and unaffordable costs. An attractive façade structure formed by an ensemble of walkways and terraces, creates a permeable surround around the building perimeter.

Next to the building, a double-helix access-core filters the flow of traffic to the different areas of the Cultural Centre. On the one hand, this allows independent opening hours to be established for the different uses that the centre has, and on the other, it breaks with the traditional circulation of visitors, by proposing alterative itineraries. The building’s upper terraces become part of the surrounding public space, with rest zones next to small gardens, eating areas and terraces from where to enjoy the views.

The exterior space becomes a pleasant experience throughout. The terraces, in most part covered, are wide and they allow communication and use as an extension of the different centre activities.

Furthermore, the façade is adapted to the lighting needs of the different areas of the building and it operates as a temperature regulator.

Diver Laciana, a new leisure project in Villablino, Leon, Spain

In this newsletter we’re presenting one of the latest projects that we’ve recently undertaken. It’s a leisure centre which encompasses a great variety of leisure proposals, integrated functionally and spatially in a 100,000m2 terrain: an indoor and outdoor waterpark, pools and sports pitches, spa, adventure park, Canyoning, restaurants, public gardens, auditorium and events area, FEC and hotel.

As can be seen, it’s an unusual combination of elements, as it joins together free-access public areas with paid zones.

Villablino is a small municipality in Leon, with a mining past and currently in decline due to the disappearance of mines in the Laciana district. The project is being planned as a revitalisation strategy of the area, providing an economic alternative, based on sustainable tourism.

The Laciana Valley has many tourist attractions; ski resort, biosphere reserve, greenways, etc. The Diver Laciana project is intended to act as a catalyser and agglutinative factor in supplying added value and achieving the critical mass for the area to become a tourist destination.

In short, its seeks the formation of synergies, along with aligning the public interests of the creation of employment and a viable alternative for an area in transformation, and the private interests of promoting a profitable project.

Undoubtedly it’s an example to follow for many areas that find themselves in the same situation.

New hotel project in Russia

We’re pleased to be able to tell you about a new project that we’re developing on the coast of the Black Sea in Russia; a family-oriented aquatic-leisure area located in a hotel complex in the city of Gelendzhik.

With the significant drop in the value of the rouble and some incidences with countries that have historically been main destinations for Russian beach tourists, (Egypt, Turkey), Russia’s economic situation has become an impetus for growth in the country’s domestic-tourism hotel industry.

As such, domestic tourism increased 25% in 2014, 18% in 2015, 15% in 2016 and 12% in 2017. According to sector analysts, the growth rate will settle around 10% during the next 5 to 10 years.

This increase in holidaymakers who flock to coastal areas has not only led to the construction of new beach-related hotel and leisure projects, but also requires entrepreneurs to renovate their facilities and improve the services they offer their clients, in order to maintain their positions in an increasingly competitive market.

The project that concerns us is based on the creation of a wide space of aquatic leisure for the main hotel guests; families with children. A large, shallow and irregularly shaped pool houses the installation of one of Amusement Logic’s largest interactive WaterParty game models.

In turn, the game has exclusive theming, developed especially for our client. It recreates a jungle environment and presents the children with figures of their favourite characters such as Tarzan and Mowgli, accompanied by figures of animals and plants. It has several slides at different heights, interactive elements and infinity of platforms and routes, which provide for endless play options and competitions for children of different ages.

For those parents who do not wish to accompany their children on the installation, there are large spaces around the pool where they can rest and relax, whilst watching their children enjoy the water in a unique environment of fun and total safety.

The new aquatic leisure space will be operational this season.