Spray Toons

We are presenting a new collection of play elements for children’s aquatic playgrounds, characterised by heightened three dimensionality, with figures and characters reminiscent of a well-illustrated children’s book.

Their style is intended to transport kids to a world of animated fantasy, where rainbows, cotton-like clouds, suns, unicorns or dragons create an interactive environment to enhance children’s imagination.

Away from the traditional concept of metallic tubes and flat silhouettes, our Spray Toons collection, produced with our exclusive 3D-Tech material, allows for differentiation and singularity in any new project, now more kind-hearted and tender.

Interview with José María Cama, Waterworld, Lloret de Mar

Some days ago we had the chance of chatting with José María Cama, the founder and alma mater of Waterworld, one of Spain’s senior and successful waterparks.

José María is an example of dedication and love to waterparks and a model impresario. We would like to share with you some of the anecdotes and information from our talk.

“Waterworld opened in 1985 and was one of Spain’s first waterparks. The park, which currently has an area of more than 14 hectares, started out smaller in size and we have extended over time to respond to demand and to adjust our offer to market trends and our clientele’s needs. We survey our visitors to manage and prioritise improvements and new facilities.

When we started out on our adventure, there were no waterparks in Spain, so we had draw on imagination, enthusiasm and hard work. 30 years later, we realise we did make mistakes, but we also performed miracles with a reduced investment and it makes us proud to look back and see what we’ve achieved. Millions of satisfied visitors and a park with international standards and acclaim.

The park has a capacity of 5,000 people. We’re aware that this could be greater, given the area we have, but we prefer to have fewer well-attended clients that are more comfortable, with sufficient space. One of the park’s aspects that is most liked by our guests and what differentiates us from the competition, are precisely those large spaces and the careful gardening and landscaping.

Waterworld is well received amongst all kinds of people: we welcome families, couples, teenagers, as we have something for everyone. There are approximately 30% local tourists and 70% foreign tourists, which is normal as Lloret de Mar is a tourist destination with high numbers of foreign visitors. Commercially, we work a lot with agencies, tour operators and social media to publicise our product and gain customers.

Managing a park with seasonal opening is complicated. The main challenge is the personnel. In Waterworld we have a fixed team of 20 people throughout the year, a number that increases to 110 during the season. It’s essential to find and work with an adequate team for the park to operate correctly. We invest a great deal in training our personnel, as it’s vital that guests feel happy”.

Discussing some economic aspects, José María provided us with the following data:

“The most important cost in the park is undoubtedly the personnel. The annual budget for facility maintenance and renovation is usually around 30%. The additional services offered by the park, (cloakrooms, hammocks, etc.), represent 20% of the park’s revenue”.

We finished the conversation talking about the future:

“The sector changes very quickly and you have to adapt to these changes, however, we are optimists. Just as when we started, we look to the future with hope and doing things as well as we have done during these last 30 years, we believe that we will continue to be successful with our public”.

We look forward to seeing you at SETT

Amusement Logic will be present in the new edition of the SETT show, which will open to the public in Montpellier, France, on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November 2017.

SETT is a leading European show of camping-related products and services. Given the importance that campsite leisure development projects have for our company, Amusement Logic could not miss an event that is so important for our clients.

We invite you to visit us on our stand (A3-D69). We will be delighted to meet you and show you our latest developments and also share the new products we have created for the dynamic camping sector.

Cloudland game for Center Parcs

This summer we installed the world’s first “Cloudland Maxi”, in the new multi-adventure zone “Ze Place”, in Les Trois Forêts Center Parcs, in the French region of Moselle.

Our “Cloudland Maxi” game, which won a design award for innovation in the sector, helps improve children’s agility and coordination. It enables them to develop their muscular strength, increase their spatial awareness and encourage relationship-building with each other, as they search for ways and combinations that allow them to climb as easily as possible. The game is also attractive for adults who wish to test their skill and fitness.

The Center Parcs group is well known in the leisure sector. It was the first to introduce the revolutionary concept of creating small holiday villages in which all kinds of services are found and where visitors are offered the best experience. No two Center Parcs are the same. However, the majority do share the same characteristics: located in a natural setting (forests, beaches, lakes), with accommodation, shops and catering, water parks, games and sports areas, careful landscaping and infinity of both indoor and outdoor activities for all the family.

Looking forward to seeing you at the MUNICIPALIA / INNOCAMPING show

In the next edition of the tradeshow Innocamping / Municipalia held on 24-26th October, we will be presenting some of our most recent projects:

  • a new leisure area for Camping Saint Louis
  • a splash pad in Camping Sainte Cécile
  • slides in Camping La Tordera

Additionally, we will be showing projects in augmented reality and some of the new attractions designed by our R & D team.

You can visit us in Pavilion 2, stand nº 216.

The building’s skin: Research centre

In recent weeks we’ve been working on the architectural project of a unique building, situated within the grounds of an important university campus. The building is destined to house biology-related research and investigation disciplines. The concept of the building’s skin is pertinent in a project of these characteristics, due to its elevated flexibility and symbolic and functional capacity.

The building’s volume maintains a shape that is capable of simply and effectively arranging and distributing all the uses for which it is intended. The structure is functional and inhabitable, whilst the skin fulfils a symbolic function.

The kinetic façade is articulated by two structures: a modular structure that simulates a dynamic set of cellular cells and another kinetic one formed by a series of irregular polyhedra that simulate stylised cellular components.

When presenting the building’s function, our façade is a demonstration of style; a combination of organic movement, formal harmony and visual beauty.

The inclusion of mobile pieces also serve other purposes, such as the lighting control in the laboratories and energy saving.

Moebius Challenge

This is a new concept of adventure and balance circuit, characterised by one sole rail that varies in slope and difficulty, inspired by the famous tape of the mathematician Moebius.

Unlike conventional circuits of zipwires and platforms, where users need harnesses hooked to a lifeline, in this circuit what we propose is experimenting without a harness, thanks to the safety nets that envelop it.

The Moebius rail is manufactured in our exclusive 3DTech material, ideal for its lightness and flexibility to enhance the psychometric skills of both children and adults. The difficulty levels throughout the game are variable according to the incorporated complementary elements, such as resting platforms, steps, balance balls, lateral circulation walls or crossed ropes to dodge. The circuit has two helicoidal slides of different heights, to increase the game’s play options.

This is a very family-friendly proposal, suitable for all ages and where intergeneration collaboration is encouraged.

Interview with Vicente Barbero, Director of the Aqua Tropic Waterpark

We’re starting a new section in our Newsletter, in which we will talk with professionals responsible for management and direction in sectors such as waterparks, hotels and campsites amongst others. Our aim is to bring the general public closer to the operations in these sectors and learn first-hand about the current and future situation.

This month we have the chance of talking to Vicente Barbero, the Director of the AQUA TROPIC Waterpark in Granada, Spain:

“The park has gone through different phases since opening in 1989. Notably the fire it suffered more than a decade ago, which destroyed the facilities and we had to completely redo them. We have more than 35,000 m² in a superb location, and this is one of the keys to our success. The other is the use of saltwater, something which our visitors love.

In the last 5 or 6 years, we’ve taken a leap in quality, with an important change in image and moreover, our public. We were sold out during most of August, with 1400 people in our park. The majority of visitors are families consisting of grandparents, parents and kids.

We offer attractions that are most typical in waterparks (wave pool, slides, Whirlwind etc.), however the most popular, mainly due to their competitive element, are the soft slides. They’ve been here since the park began. The new children’s area is also worthy of mention and we’re proud to see entire families enjoying the same space.

We attach great importance to achieving client loyalty through personal treatment. That is where our team places greatest emphasis. Before opening, there are training and refresher courses, as well as advice for treating clients who have some kind of disability. It is work that is supported by marketing actions such as family-saver tickets, season tickets and one of the most competitive prices in the sector. This, together with the attractive location (it is next to the sea with stunning views) and the extensive recreation area, marks the park’s main value. We are open to the public 85 days of the year, so everything has to be well planned and nothing left to chance. And this year has been a phenomenal year without incident.

In the day-to-day operations, I would like to highlight the work of the lifeguards. From first thing in the morning, they give talks to the teams so they are prepared for any eventuality. Safety and communication protocols are important in any incident, as media trivialisation of any problem should be avoided for the good of the sector. We carry out regular inspections following both regional and local Andalusian council indications and they revise the attractions, accesses and any points susceptible to risk.

Each year more tourist accommodation appears, with their small waterparks and all-inclusive options. This is a negative situation for everyone. Tourists are in their hotel 24 hours a day, and their expenditure is left solely in those establishments, thus hurting the other businesses in the area. Even so, I’m optimistic for the future of waterparks. There are customers, but you have to go out and get them”.

Inauguration of Camping Saint Louis: glamping on the Côte d’Azur

A portmanteau of glamour and camping, the term glamping has become popular in recent years. This relatively new word refers to a new way of understanding camping, an activity that has evolved away from the traditional tents to modern bungalows, which are every bit as good as hotels or tourist apartments.

Both comfortable and luxurious, many campsites are also located in unbeatable places, right next to the beach or in beautiful mountain landscapes.

camping saint louis glamping 02

This does nothing to describe the new Camping Saint Louis, which after undergoing complete refurbishment, has reopened its doors and been presented to the public. Located on the French Côte d’Azur, close to Cannes and Nice, could there be a more glamorous place?

camping saint louis glamping 01

With sea and mountain views, just a few days after opening Camping Saint Louis hung the No Vacancies sign for the remainder of the season. The keys to its success are its location, modern bungalows, renovated facilities and the magnificent waterpark designed and constructed by Amusement Logic. With a definite family-focus, the park offers games for children, slides for youngsters and a swimming and relaxation pool for adults, all of which is set amongst a backdrop of tropical theming and plants.

With the hottest part of summer still to come, who wouldn’t want to spend glamorous days splashing around and relaxing?

The building’s skin: Kinetic Façade


We’re continuing this month with another example of our study of the concept “the building’s skin”, this time with an attractive development; the creation of kinetic façades.

A kinetic façade implies the movement of some or all of its composing elements, with the aim of meeting aesthetic objectives, as well as energy optimisation. We also control investment by optimising the size and weight of the pieces, so they don’t require excessive kinetic work and proposing turns that only require one rotation motor per element.

In the building that we’re presenting this month, we can regulate its interior climatological conditions through dynamic shade devices, favouring considerable energy savings. We make use of natural daylight, whilst ventilation is controlled across the whole façade. Furthermore, this modular system permits the pieces to be positioned (horizontally), which allow evacuation and safety in case of a fire.

The façade is composed of a series of modules aligned in a rectangular matrix. The piece is rhomboid in shape and it has a small torsion that allows the horizontal coupling of contiguous modules. The turning axis is slightly displaced from the geometric centre, with the aim of increasing the façade’s dynamism and favouring the transition between the different positions.

The façade’s aesthetic is based on said dynamism and its capacity to transform itself. Its basic positions, vertical and horizontal, completely alter the building’s image and its different programs are designed to make harmonious movements, adapting continuously to climatic conditions.